Poster Designs

Here's a couple of my preferred poster designs I did last year. 
I love doing them, its a nice creative break from an animation pipeline

Mad Maggie

So its been a while since I've done character design. It was never my strong point.

However I received a boxset of Alfred Hitchcock's films for Christmas and I've just been inspired to create something or someone.

After Vertigo, I had an urge to create a character who couldnt keep it quite together, and Maggie was born.

I only intended to do a quick doodle of a woman, then it turned into facial expressions

 then a 4 second clip of animation.

Then the background looked too boring and white, so I played around with an animated background.

I will take this character further, she really gets me excited, and its the first time I've wanted to develop a story/character for personal  gain in a long time

Happy New year!

Happy new year blogger friends.

I hope everyone had a refreshing break, but its back to reality now.

Here's just a quick update. I've been fortunate enough to be working on a 2 part short animation for Parlon Film, and its been an amazing experience! I've learnt so much independently and from my clients.

The fruits of the project will premiere in Spain Madrid this month, which I am so excited attend, but for now here are a couple shots from the animation.