Animated posters

Its been a while!

Alot has happened since my last post, but one thing I've been keeping busy with is creating posters.
These are so fun to create because I get to combine my love for love and visuals at the same time.

Check them out below!

FVT September Edition from Alex Zepherin on Vimeo.
FVT July edition from Alex Zepherin on Vimeo.
FVT JUNE EDITION from Alex Zepherin on Vimeo.

Featured project on the Dots

My project got featured on the Dots website!

Here's are the full view of the visuals

Happy new Year!

I hope everyone had a lovely restful break!

Here's my new showreel for 2016, and also feel free to check out my updated site!

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

A month ago I had the opportunity to composite an animation piece for the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

I am so happy with how this turned out. It was a valuable experience, and I got more of an insight to 2d animation as well.


2D animation done by Elroy Simmons

Mini visuals

Just some mini visuals playing around in After Effects

Capturing Keisha

Taking pictures

Trying to expand my creative juices into photography. Slowly but surely, its just nice to have something else going on. It gives you another way to breath.